May Funding Opportunities: Featuring the 3 x 3!

Make THREE times your investment in THREE months!

High Yield, Secure Transactions -- Working with known instrument providers, funders and traders we structure credit leveraging, funding transactions yielding returns within 90 days.

Your funds are secured by a licensed and bonded escrow attorney in the US and governed by strict escrow language.

Private Investment Opportunities Starting at $100,000.

1. Completed Client Information Sheet (CIS)
2. Proof Of Funds/Bank Comfort Letter (POF/BCL)

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About Our SBLC/BG Monetization Programs

The Nowak Group has worked diligently over the last four years to connect the two sides of the SBLC/BG puzzle by developing relationships with both the issuing banks and their depositors (service providers), as well as the receiving banks and investors that monetize bank instruments.The Nowak Group SBLC Puzzle Picture

The problem we identified was that most brokers and consultants were only savvy with one side or the other, their piece of the puzzle so to speak. We made it our mission to be expert in both sides of the transaction, completing the picture.

Today we have developed rock solid relationships with several bank reps and service providers, representing the top 25 banks in the US and around the World, as well as with the investors, lenders and traders that complete the monetization process.

With all the proper pieces already assembled, our process insures a completely seamless transaction!